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New Resident Questions


Below are some questions we ask any of our potential new residents, all of which are based under our value system:

  1. We are dedicated to building net-zero (solar)/ net-zero ready (solar ready) homes. Are you interested in living in a net-zero/ net-zero ready home? YES/NO
  2. We as a community are all responsible to care for and maintain the common areas, communal gardens and private road we live on. There are annual road dues associated with living in our community (between 200-300/annually) and snow removal fees based on need. If you decide to join our community would you agree to the above responsibilities and fees? YES/NO
  3. We have community walking trails and open spaces. If you decide to join our community would you be dedicated to treading lightly throughout our trails, common areas and stay on the marked community areas? YES/NO
  4. If you see a neighbour outside fixing potholes or cleaning up the debris among the common areas or roadway would you come out and leaned a hand? YES/NO
  5. Would you be interested in creating an edible yard on your own property? YES/NO
  6. Are you dedicated to using renewable energy sources (solar/wind) and building with ecological materials? YES/NO
  7. Are you committed to not damaging the environment and helping to regenerate the ecosystem in which you live through recycling, reforestation and restoration of habitats? YES/NO

River Tree Developments Inc.

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